Monday, July 30, 2007


last week end we had our touring again. we're 7 person, by 4 motorcycle. Me myself, Pater Greg. Heliarko, S.J., Bimo Winduro, Leo, Putu, Tete (mbak Kristi) and Dion(isius Yudi Sanjaya). Our Departure was on Saturday night at 20:00 WIB, from Paingan, Maguwoharjo, Depok Sleman, Yogyakarta.

We choose the route: North Ringroad-across Afandi road-across kaliurang road-across monjali road-across magelang road-turn right at demakijo than go on godean road - after Godean cross road straigh on untill Gedongan cross road, here we're turn left and staighn on till Wates road.
After Wates the capital of Kulonprogo regency, we deviate from main route to Purworejo, we travel by "Selatan-selatan" route. This route actually the monument of Dutch while they're colonize indonesia. This road was renewed It takes less kilometers and time than main route, but there many point of this road still broken, so we need to extra beware of these points.

When arrived at Ambal, a small city south of Kebumen, we take a rest an dinner. We ate special food from this area, "Sate Ambal". The special sate is famous among the culinair lover. One of our motorcycle had low fuel, so we decide back to the main route for search of gas station. we turn our route to kebumen, there we get the gas station. From the main route, we ride untill Buntu cross road, from here we turn right and take the road to Kebumen-Purwokerto. After Kebumen city on hill road at least 10 Km, we're arrived at Kaliori, a place of "Kaliori Lourdes" reside. We park our motorcycle at O.M.I. Monastery and sleep near the Mother Mary statue at Kaliori 'Lourdes' cave.

Morning has come, after take a bath, and feel fresh, we decide to continue our toruing. Here we must separate with Pater Greg because He will have his guest to meet at 5 PM, and get to back to jogja. The rest of this groups continue to Sokaraja city to have our breakfast. Here we get the unique meal of Sokaraja, it's "Soto Sokaraja".

The stomatch have full with this delicious food, and we take the route to Purbalingga, it's the middle route of java, and take the mountains road, near Dieng Plateau. We've hear about new interesting place called OWABONG, it's came from "Obyek Wisata Air BOjoNGsari", it's mean the excursion place which most of is rom water. Here there's olympic pool, the water boom, the canoes, cart circuit, paintball games, ATV track, an many more lovely games. We must pay Rp. 12.000,- to get in the holiday, it's about $ 1.3. My friend almost blackout while try the water boom facility, because of it's speed of descend.

After the midday, we decided to ride again to the highhest area at java, Dieng. We choose the route by banjarnegara-wonosobo-temanggung-magelang. i have told you about the beautiful place we would passed on the article before. you can read about this beauty area.

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